Solve your sizing problems with our recommendation plugin

Our sizing solution improves your e-commerce performance.

Increased e-commerce sales

Customer retention

Reduced e-commerce returns

Improved online shopping experience

Effective size recommendation from the first day

Size recommendation, according to Fitle.

The recommendation takes into account the morphology... well as clothing fit preferences and habits.

A size recommendation that also gives fit advice.

Comparison of the fit of clothes

The size recommendation screen allows your customers to compare the fit of the sizes most suited to their morphology and their preference, to make the right choice.

Easy access to the next recommendations.

Recommended size on the widget

Your customers fill in the form only once. The ideal size is then displayed on the widget for every future product your customers wish to buy.

Comparison of fit without reopening the plugin

Your customers can even compare the fit of the most adapted sizes by hovering over the widget, without having to fill in their information again.

Size advice for shoes and underwear too.

Client case.

« Installing Fitle was very simple: the teams took charge of everything quickly and efficiently! Since deploying the solution, we've noticed a drop in the number of exchanges due to incorrect sizing. This has helped to lighten the load on the after-sales service and logistics departments. The tool is very reliable and complete: many of our customers use it and are delighted with its ease of use.»

Ludovic Pernin,Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Visitors who have used Fitlebuy 5 times more.

  • When Fitle is used, cart abandonmentdown by 12,5%.

Actionable insights thanks to data collected with the plugin :