Stop losing sales because your consumers are doubting theirsize.

Our sizing solution recommends the right size for each of your customers. Depending on their morphology and preferences.

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Our solution equips their e-commerce website :

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When your customers doubt their size, they don't buy, or worse, they purchase elsewhere...

You lose sales.

With Fitle :

Optimized conversion.

No more doubts, customers are reassured in their purchase : sales are increased.

When your customers don't know their size, they buy two sizes and return one...

You add avoidable costs.

With Fitle :

Returns avoided.

No more errors, the ideal size is recommended : your customer support costs are reduced.

When your customers have a bad experience with a product, they don't come back...

You don't retain customers.

With Fitle :

Loyal consumers gained.

Good customer experience on the first visit : consumers repeat their purchases.

Client case.

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« After a thorough market research, we decided to work with Fitle because of their innovative e-commerce solution, the ease of use of their tool and their ability to quickly deploy the plugin.»

Nam Vu,Senior International E-commerce Manager

  • Visitors who have used Fitlebuy 14.5 times more.

  • Visitors who have used Fitledrop their basket less by 9.8%.

How does it work?

Your customers no longer need to measure themselves.

Fitle recommends the best size to each of your customers based on their age, height, weight and body shape

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According to the desired comfort.

Fitle allows your consumers to see the comfort of the clothes on them and choose according to their preferences. Just like in a fitting room.

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An accelerated purchasing journey.

Your customers only need to fill out the form once. Then they will be able to see their ideal size directly on our widget.

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You can follow theperformance in real time, on the Dashboard.

Integrating Fitle hasno impact on your roadmap.

Fitle takes care of the integration and visual customization

Compatible with all e-commerce platforms

The size recommendation is effective from the first day

Fitle also helps youmanage your stocks.

You will know your missed sales.

Thanks to the data collected about your e-shoppers and your products, we help you identify your restocking needs.

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