Fitle Dashboard: all the insights on your market and your products.

Thanks to the data collected via the Fitle Plugin, our Dashboard will allow you to :

Track the impact of the Fitle Plugin on your performance

  • Impact on conversion, shopping cart abandonment and returns

  • Turnover generated thanks to Fitle

  • Customer feedbacks on the shopping experience with Fitle

Create collections that match your market

  • Average profiles and gender distribution

  • Age, height and weight distribution of your customers

  • Foot length distribution for shoe brands

Better manage your stocks and avoid losing sales

  • Ranking of products with the most size recommendations

  • Missed sales

Follow the e-commerce performance in order to better manage your business

Follow the impact of the size recommendation

Adapt your future collections to your real market

Identify your restocking needs.

The sizing solution which reassures your customers :