Fitle Partners: from luxury to mainstream, who are they?

Our partners use our size recommendation tool to not lose sales, avoid returns, gather data and offer the best shopping experience to their customers.

Customer case study.

Maison Kitsuné.

The Collaboration with Fitle

Maison Kitsuné chose Fitle to boost its e-commerce performance and improve the customer experience on their website. After several months of collaboration, Maison Kitsuné and Fitle have seen an average conversion rate multiplied by 6, a lower cart abandonment rate and more than a third of Maison Kitsuné buyers who use the size recommendation tool.

Visitors who have used Fitle,buy6.7 times more.

31.68% of turnoverhas been generatedfollowing a size recommendation from Fitle

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Customer case study.



It's not always easy for brands to solve their size guide issues. That's why Shilton decided to trust Fitle.

Why choose Fitle?

To offer a personalized experience to its customers, the brand was looking for an easy-to-use and accurate size recommendation tool. Shilton also aims to bypass technical aspects and deploy the solution quickly.

Visitors who have used Fitle,buy5.3 times more.

Visitors who have used Fitle,abandon their basket less by18.1%

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Customer case study.



Pyrenex products experience strong seasonality. It is therefore important for the brand to optimize its sales during the winter season by increasing conversion. Additionally, Pyrenex aims to make its customer experience as high-quality as its products.


Fitle allows you to assist your customers in their purchasing process, thus increasing your conversion.

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Customer case study.


"Fitlereassures our doubting consumersand improves our sales. Through the Fitle Dashboard, we easily follow the behavior, data, and KPIs of our customers."

Hélène Tricaud,European Customer Success Manager

Visitors who have used Fitle,buy7.3 times more

38%ofbuyersuse Fitle during their purchases.

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The impact of Fitle on the e-commerce performance :

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For Maison Kitsune

Purchases made after a size recommendation represents...

33% of the revenue

For Eden Park

Visitors who have used Fitle, abandon their basket less by...


For Jules

Fitle recommended the right size of clothing to choose...

over 1 500 000 times.

For Asphalte

The share of buyers who use Fitle is...


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For Balzac

Visitors who have used Fitle, buy...

9.4 times more.

For Volcom

Purchases made after a size recommendation represents...

40.3% of the revenue.

Fitle equips the e-commerce site of over 50 brands :

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