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Case study: How Fitle boosted Volcom's sales through size recommendation

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Founded in 1991 in Costa Mesa, California, Volcom embodies the spirit of surfing, skateboarding, and youth rebellion culture. The brand quickly gained worldwide renown for its iconic style, commitment to innovation, and undeniable influence on the streetwear and action sports scene.

Volcom draws its inspiration from the creative energy and carefree attitude of action sports, particularly surfing and skateboarding.

Context and Challenges

Volcom, iconic brand of urban culture and action sports, perfectly understands the importance of meeting the expectations of its demanding clientele. However, with the diversity of its collections and the variety of its products, Volcom has often faced the challenge of reducing product returns, especially due to sizing issues.

Furthermore, Volcom takes pride in providing a frictionless shopping experience for its customers. However, choosing the right size online is the most significant factor in cart abandonment in fashion e-commerce. That's why the iconic action sports brand has decided to trust the Fitle size recommendation tool. This cart abandonment creates a missed opportunity for the brand.

Choosing the Fitle solution

That's where Fitle comes in. As a leader in size recommendation for e-commerce, Fitle provides Volcom with an innovative solution to meet its customers' sizing needs. By using AI and morphological data analysis, Fitle can accurately recommend the most suitable clothing sizes for each customer, thus reducing the risks of unnecessary returns due to sizing errors.

Fitle reassures our doubting consumers and improves our sales. Through the Fitle Dashboard, we easily track the behavior, data, and KPIs of our customers.

Hélène Tricaud, European Customer Success Manager

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