Case Study

Case study: How Shilton solved its sizing issues and offered an innovative experience in e-commerce

In collaboration with Ludovic Pernin, Digital Marketing Manager at Shilton

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Shilton, an iconic French brand founded in 1993, embodies relaxed elegance and timeless style for contemporary men. With a heritage deeply rooted in sportswear tradition, Shilton has built a reputation for its clothing and accessory collections that combine quality, comfort, and style.

Shilton's philosophy is based on the harmonious fusion of sporting heritage and urban elegance. The brand strives to create pieces that capture the dynamic spirit of sport while offering a refined aesthetic suitable for everyday life. Each creation is imbued with the authenticity and passion that characterize the world of sports, while embodying an innate sense of style and elegance unique to the brand.

Context and Challenges

With a strong presence in their e-commerce, Shilton faces one of the biggest challenges of selling clothing online: optimizing the size guide.

Shilton wanted to offer a personalized experience to its customers: A reliable tool that accurately recommends the best size for its online customers.

Finally, Shilton wanted to limit the configuration of the solution to business issues and bypass technical aspects for rapid deployment.

Choosing the Fitle solution

The ease of use of the Fitle tool and its ability to integrate with existing systems have made it a preferred tool. Shilton has thus initiated a customer-centric approach by deploying Fitle on its website.

Fitle's research has shown that 81% of consumers with a positive sizing experience are likely to purchase another Shilton product.

Finally, Shilton chose Fitle for its innovative features but also for its teams, which managed to create a true partnership from the project's launch.

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