Customer case study.

Case study: How Pyrenex optimized its user experience with Fitle

Number of size recommendations over the last 12 months:

55 000

Share of buyers who use Fitle:

more than 28%

Share of revenue generated through Fitle:


Used products




Winter clothing


Pyrenex is the French brand known for its high-end down jackets and windbreakers. Since 1859, Pyrenex has developed a unique expertise and is committed to the quality of its French natural fillings used in its ready-to-wear collections and bedding articles. In addition to its commitment to quality, Pyrenex places great importance on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The brand strives to reduce its environmental impact by using recycled materials and adopting environmentally friendly production practices.

The problem

nitially, it's well known that user experience is a major driver of e-commerce success. As a brand renowned for its exceptional expertise and commitment to quality, Pyrenex strives to ensure an online experience that lives up to its standards of excellence. On their website, customers expect to find a user-friendly and intuitive environment where they can easily navigate through the different collections, discover the latest novelties, and make their purchases with confidence.

By focusing on the user experience on their website, Pyrenex is committed to providing its customers with an online experience that is both memorable and satisfying, reflecting the excellence that characterizes the brand.

The solution : the Fitle fit & size recommendation tool

Fitle provides Pyrenex with a turnkey solution by ensuring that users select the correct clothing size. Fitle allows you to know exactly who your customers are and their average measurements. In summary, the partnership with Pyrenex: Customers are reassured and retained through a simple and innovative experience.

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