Customer case study.

How Tajine Banane copes with the problems of a particular morphology target: young mothers.

In collaboration with Martin Cavaille, Co-founder

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more than 50%

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10.5%(1.9% without Fitle)

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Clothing for pregnant women and new mothers

Tajine Banane.

Tajinebanane is a project that came to life in August 2018, after the pregnancy of Alison, it's founder. Quality, comfort and style are integral elements woven together to produce exceptional clothing for nursing mothers. These mothers are nomadic and breastfeed freely, anywhere and anytime. Designed in a family owned and eco-responsible workshop in Portugal, Tajinebanane's clothing is provided with an optimal design and adapted to the morphology of young mothers.

The problem

The journey of bringing a child into this world is naturally accompanied by many changes, among these are the physical changes experienced by women, during and after a pregnancy. Some women experience some or all of these common changes: an enlargement of their hips, an augmentation of their breasts and more generally an evolution of their shape and size. After pregnancy, it is difficult for young mothers to find their bearings and really know which size suits them best, especially when the products designed by Tajinebanane are products that they'll likely have less experience buying. It is important to be comfortable in clothes that allow you to breastfeed, and that they are the right size, as we know that a mother is called upon to breastfeed her child about fifteen times a day.

In addition, Tajinebanane is a brand largely established on the web (80%) and therefore face issues that arise from this. Like any e-commerce brand, Tajinebanane must manage its returns, respond to customers who have questions about size and ensure a customer experience that can replace in-store purchases. The time allocated to these tasks is considerable and increases with the indecision of customers on their choice of size.

The solution : the Fitle fit & size recommendation tool

Fitle brings a turnkey solution, where on a daily basis, can assist Tajinebanane in helping to re-assure young mothers choosing the right size of clothing. Fitle's dashboard and analytics allow Tajinebanane to know and understand the morphology of their customers, by providing valuable data such as average measurements, thus allowing them to efficiently produce and manage the shapes and sizes of each product. In summary, the Tajinebanane x Fitle partnership is: a modern and efficient customer experience, reassuring and creating loyal customers, a way to anticipate its collections, stocks and sizes.

"We were looking for an interactive sizing solution, so it was only natural that we turned to Fitle. I came across it on another site and found the experience really great for the customer! Also, the postpartum body differs completely from person to person and it is very difficult to project into a new size, especially on clothes that we are meant to wear every day. This is what Fitle has been able to respond to since day one and enable us to help our clients see more clearly in their indecision."

Martin Cavaille, Co-founder

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