A more readable size chart: compare better, choose better.


In addition to recommending the right size of clothing and allowing your consumers to compare the comfort of the sizes most suited to their morphology,the Fitle size recommendation tool makes it easier to read and understand your size charts.

The Size chart tab, accessible at the time of the size recommendation

👀 See where you are in the size chart, at a glance.

When recommending size and comfort, a size chart tab is now available. It makes it possible to compare the consumer's measurements, predicted by our algorithm (thanks to the information entered by the user previously in the form), with the size chart of the product in question. Indicators are even visible on the size chart to allow consumers to understand at a glance where they are on this size chart, for each of their measurements.This allows him to identify more precisely the ideal size and realize whether it risks being tight or loose in one of the measurements.

👩‍💻 Reassured consumers and a more relevant size choice.

In addition to improving the Fitle sizing aid, this tab also reassures consumers: they have transparent access to the size chart and have the possibility of making the right choices themselves to choose the right clothing size. Indeed, some people are only reassured if they compare themselves. In addition, viewing the measurements predicted by the algorithm and the size chart allows the user to understand the size recommendation that has been made.

In the event that a predicted measurement is outside the size chart

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